Black Friday at West Hollywood Best Buy

Where will you be spending your Thanksgiving? With family? With friends because it is just too damn expensive to fly home to see your family? Home alone with a turkey sandwich and the Dallas Cowboys? Whichever it is, it could be far worse — you could be out on the street waiting on line to get into some store to buy what you hope are heavily discounted items. They call it Black Friday; maybe you’ve heard of it.

Gone are what we now realize are the good old days in which people got up at two in the morning on Friday to wait for a store to open at 6am. Now stores are opening at midnight, and the lines form earlier.

Much earlier at the Best Buy in West Hollywood. At around two o’clock on Wednesday afternoon there were more than a dozen hearty souls waiting for that Friday midnight opening.

The first people on line were a young couple and their little baby. They told me they got there Tuesday afternoon and are prepared to wait the 55 hours or so to buy “a lot of stuff.” A 42” TV topped the gentleman’s list.

When I asked them about the prospect of spending Thanksgiving on the sidewalk, they shrugged and said it would be all right. The wife said she would get out of line briefly on Thursday to pick up some turkey sandwiches.

But hey, at least their family is together on the holiday.

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