Culver City Steps Needs Crosswalk

I have raved about the Culver City Steps several times in these pages. I was back there last weekend and I realized that something major is missing — a crosswalk.

There is plenty of street parking on Jefferson, but you have to cross a wide, four lane street to get to the entrance of the trail.

Granted, it is not a street that is crazily busy with traffic, but it is still dangerous to cross it. The lack of traffic actually makes it even more treacherous — cars go faster there, which makes it more difficult for pedestrians to gauge how much time they have to cross.

A crosswalk with a pedestrian-controlled traffic light is the way to go, but I doubt the money would be spent for such a signal. At the least, a crosswalk with warning signs and flashing lights is necessary.

I don’t know if anyone has been hit crossing that street, but if it does happen, then I’m sure there will be a cry for a crosswalk. Why not do it now before tragedy can strike?