Huge Step for L.A. Football Stadium

It seems that it takes years and years to build anything in Los Angeles. Are workers slower? It is hot here, after all. Is money an issue? We may or may not still be in a recession. Or is it because someone always seems to have a problem with something and files a lawsuit, which can takes years to resolve. Let’s go with the latter.

Well, the proposed downtown football stadium is such a large project that it could produce the mother of all lawsuits, and not just one. The project could be delayed for years. But now it appears that won’t happen, speeding the time that you can head to your favorite online sportsbook to bet on your local Los Angeles football team.

On Tuesday Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that would expedite all legal challenges to Farmers Field. The law does not exempt builder AEG from environmental laws,┬ábut it allows challenges to the stadium’s environmental impact report to bypass Superior Court and go right to the California Court of Appeal, which would make a decision within 175 days, a relatively short time in matters such as these. writes:

In exchange for an expedited legal review, AEG has pledged to build a carbon-neutral stadium with more public transit users than any other stadium in the country and has committed to making Farmers Field one of the only stadiums in the country to have a net-zero carbon footprint.

I’m not sure how they’re going to have “more public transit users than any other stadium in the country” in a city with very little public transit, but whatever; this is a huge step towards getting this stadium built.

Now all we need is a football team. Minor detail.

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