MegaBus: L.A. to Vegas or S.F. for $1!

Megabus and its insanely low fares are back in Los Angeles. Now you will be able to get to Las Vegas or San Francisco for just one dollar.

Megabus was dubbed “megabust” during its first incarnation in the Southland in 2007-2008. But now it is back due to “customer demand,” according to the bus company.


Fares really do start at $1, and go up as the departure date nears. The earlier you book, the lower the price is.

The buses feature free wi-fi, which could take your mind off of the fact that your trip from Union Station to Vegas could take up to six hours and the journey to San Francisco could take around eight hours. But hey, the price is certainly right.

Megabus has been wildly successful in other parts of the country, especially in the Northeast where bus travel between such cities as Boston, New York and Washington, D.C. is common. At a buck per trip, it has a really good chance of catching on here.