Terrible Fairfax & 6th Intersection

Here’s one intersection to avoid — 6th Street and Fairfax, specifically if you are going East on 6th. It is a nightmare.

A few years ago apparently as part of The Grove Traffic Mitigation Plan, the city installed a short median on 6th Street just West of Fairfax (what that has to do with traffic from The Grove a mile away is a mystery).

The result is that it backs up traffic on 6th. It doesn’t help that the green light is a short one, allowing just a few cars through on each cycle. You can sit there for 10 minutes trying to pass through the intersection — and that’s during non-rush hour.

Is the city trying to get people not to use 6th Street? With adjacent Wilshire usually pretty crowded, it would seem to make sense to funnel some of the traffic to 6th Street. Then again, it would seem to make sense to sync traffic lights around town, but the city does not do that, either.

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  1. December 24, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    That is a hellish intersection. I used to live on 6th & Ridgeley, and used 6th all the time – both before & after the “traffic improvements”. From what I gathered, they added turn arrows – which mostly helped if you were heading south on Fairfax trying to turn left onto 6th. Otherwise, the traffic cycle became worse in the other 3 directions. The islands really do nothing but serve as a place for untended weeds to spring up from.

    I just discovered your blog. pretty cool. I get homesick for LA every once in a while. Then i see things reminding me how dreadful the traffic is… and then i heave a sigh of relief. I really DO love LA, but…

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