When is Tom Bergin’s Reopening?

Where have I been?! I only noticed a couple of week’s ago that legendary Irish bar Tom Bergin’s is closed for renovations — since July! So, when will the Guinness be flowing again?

Well, initially it was supposed to reopen sometime in the fall; in fact, its website still says:

Look forward to the Grand Re-Opening of Tom Bergin’s Tavern in Fall 2011.

However we are already in winter, so that is just a dirty lie.

We got a little bit of a clue last week when the restaurant posted on its Facebook page:

Lots of questions about our opening date – early 2012 is all o’ the details we can give now, but we are coming back and can’t wait to see our old friends again. The moment we have a set date you’ll be hearin’ it first. Cheers to all.

In the meantime, here’s what the bar looks like now:

So all we can do is sit back and wait and see what changes are made. I can’t imagine they will change much of the inside. The 7,000 shamrocks are sure to stay, and much of the bar will likely remain the same as it has been for the past 62 years.

There are two changes I am hoping for, however. I would like them to get rid of those annoying, uncomfortable two-seater bar seats and exchange them for traditional bar stools. And I would like to see them clear out the middle of the horseshoe bar so you can see through to the other side. The way it is now makes the place seem claustrophobic. I doubt these, changes will be made, however; they are part of the charm of the bar. Still, I think it would improve things.