Domed Football Stadium For Los Angeles?

As a football fan, I am in favor of building a stadium in Los Angeles and luring a team here. I am also in favor of putting that stadium downtown next to the Staples Center rather than in the City of Industry. If you’re going to have a team in Los Angeles, it should be in Los Angeles, not outside of the city. But a domed stadium? That doesn’t make much sense.

Reports say the stadium will have a retractable dome. Such a roof adds hundreds of millions of dollars to a project. It seems pretty silly to have a retractable roof in our climate, especially when the brand new billion dollar stadium in cold and snowy New Jersey doesn’t even have one, for example.

I’m not sure who would pay for this stadium, but I’m sure the city would end up footing the bill for some of it by way of  tax incentives or area improvements that might be necessary. The city shouldn’t be paying for any part of a dome.  The only way a roof makes any sense at all is if the stadium will also double as part of the convention center. Even if that is the case, it still seems like an unnecessary expense.

Either way, here are some cool computer-generated pictures of what the stadium might look like from three different architecture firms:

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