I Love Los Angeles, But…

If you’ve stumbled onto this website and thought, “Yes! Another site to trash the crappy city that Los Angeles truly is,” then you might want to keep moving on. That is not what this site is all about. I Love Los Angeles.


Yes, there is a but. This is a great city, but it is not perfect. We have many problems — urban planning (or lack thereof) that just makes you scratch your head, transportation issues that make it harder to get around town than it should be, and other various assorted problems that Angelenos deal with every day.

So what I want to do is point out these problems, and along with comments from readers, attempt to come up with solutions to them. In addition to problem-solving, I will also be writing about the great things about our town that do not fixing — the superb mid-century architecture that is all over, the incredible weather, the palm trees, etc.

I moved to Los Angeles nearly five years ago from New York City, where I was born and raised. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Great, another New Yorker who is going to constantly compare Los Angeles to the almighty New York.” That will not be the case. New York is a great city, no doubt about it. But Los Angeles is nothing like New York. In fact, it is nothing like any traditional city anywhere in the world. I think that’s why so many New Yorkers don’t like LA — they keep comparing it to New York, and you just can’t do that.

Los Angeles is an entity unto itself — it is neither city nor suburb. It is some kind of strange hybrid of the two. There’s no real name for it, but whatever it is, Los Angeles works.

Well, it doesn’t work perfectly.┬áBut our city has enough going for it that it’s worth trying to make it perfect. And that’s what this site is all about.